About Us

About Us

LostAndFoundStickers.com was developed as a result of my own frustration. Over the years, the advancement of technology treated us with smaller, more expensive devices - smart phones, laptops, ear buds, to name a few. Like many of us, my children, my wife, and I started carrying around items that cost hundreds to thousand of dollars. I thought to myself - what if one of us loses an item that's important, expensive, or of sentimental value? We could... and occasionally we have lost hundreds, thousands of dollars worth of these items. Even if someone found and wanted to return them - they couldn't. They are unmarked. So I started labeling them with ugly, handwritten sticky notes with our phone/email contact information. Now I have fancy devices, taped over with ugly sticky notes with my contact information everywhere.

Ugly sticker example 1

Example: My first ugly sticker :)

Ugly sticker example 2

Example: Another ugly sticker

I figured that I need nicer, high quality labels that won't erase easily. I need to order custom labels, with my contact information on them.

That's where the idea for LostAndFoundStickers.com originated.

LostAndFoundStickers.com is there precisely to solve this furstration. The service lets you label your items with a tag that is registered on the website, and associated with your contact information. It permits the finder to contact you (directly or anonymously via the website) and coordinate a return.

I created the service for my family and friends first, but with the thought that it could be valuable to everybody. I have stickers on my keys, phone, earbuds, laptop, my backpack, my dive gear and and even my pets (well, not the fish :)). I tested them underwater for weeks, and "lost" them in quite a few public places. They work!

I invite you to buy stickers, activate and forget. If, unfortunately you lose your an item, and fortunately a Good Samaritan finds it, you now have a chance to get it back. I designed the stickers especially so that they are unobtrusive - not so visible when you don't need them, and sufficiently visible for the finder to contact you via our website.

That's it. Feel free to contact me with any questions, feedback, or suggestions.

LostAndFoundSticker.com is a product of RachWare LLC