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Hi Al,

I actually found a child’s coat and teddy bear at a local park in nearby. The coat had one of your stickers in it so I went through the process and was able to return the coat and bear to their owner, a young boy. As it turns out, the bear had a voice recording feature which was the boy’s Dad telling him goodnight and that he loved him. The dad was in the Armed Services and deployed overseas so this was their way of staying connected since they didn’t get to talk to each other very often over the phone. The little boy had been distraught over losing the bear because it was so special to him, for obvious reasons. The mother was beyond grateful that I took the time to get the items back to her.

Now that I have a child I thought I’d better get some of these to put in her clothes too.

It still makes me tear up thinking about how excited he was to get his bear back! I’ll never forget the look on his face.

Kind Regards,

(removed for privacy)

Mobile Computing

Attach to your laptop, computing electronics.


Attach unobtrusive stickers to your phones and other expensive mobile electornics

Unconnected Electronics

Protect devices with no display or internet connectivity.


Protect your cameras, and get back your memories.

Bags and Luggage

Convenient and anonymous way to tag your bags and luggage on vacation, for school, and commuting mishaps.

Active Gear

Protect your gear, sports, recreation or adventure valuables.

Keys and other small inactive items

Protect those little items that may disapear so frequently.


Avoid having your name/phone on your pet's collar - they can be lost and found as well.


Perfect for common workplaces in case it get lost in the shuffle.

What people are saying...

Ella Dawson

"I forgot my laptop on the bus! I'm so happy I put a sticker on it. I got it back!"

Jay Smith

"I lost my phone. An hour later, I received an email, two hours later I had my phone back. Awesome!"

Diana Wilson

"I lost my dive light in shallow waters. Another diver found it and return it to me the next day. Genius!"

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